Two cups of milk recommended for children

4:22 PM, Dec 19, 2012   |    comments
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(WZZM) - A study of more than 1,300 children found two cups of milk a day is enough to help most maintain healthy vitamin D and iron levels.

Kids with darker skin may need three to four cups of milk a day to maintain the same amount of vitamin D in winter.

The right balance is important. Too little milk can mean not enough vitamin D, too much can lower a child's iron level.

A good diet, says registered dietician Andrea Rumschlag of the Cleveland Clinic, will also help ensure your child gets enough vitamin D:"So, maybe that comes from milk, maybe it comes from other foods. Seeing a nice balance of those foods is always a good idea because you're going to get other nutrients from the green leafy vegetables, from the kale, from the broccoli, the almonds, and the salmon that not going to get just from drinking the milk."

About 70% of children drink milk everyday. The two cups of recommended milk per day is adequate for kids as old as five.

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