Wildlife rescuers still trying to catch duck shot with an arrow

7:56 AM, Sep 20, 2010   |    comments
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Grand Rapids (WZZM) - Wildlife rescuers tried to use a salmon net to catch a duck with an arrow stuck in its breast Sunday.

Someone first saw the duck in the Grand River on Friday.  Sunday, it had flown to Richmond Park.

Rescuers have spent the past few days trying to catch the bird to help it, but it keeps getting away despite its injury.

Sunday afternoon, crews tried to sneak around the duck with the net, but it kept flying into the pond in the park.

"If we can catch her, we can work with her to get her better," said Elias Olague with the Wildlife Rehab Center in Grand Rapids. "Right now, if we can't do anything, that arrow is going to stay in her until unfortunately she dies."

Crews say they don't want to use a tranquilizer dart on the duck because they are afraid it might fly away then fall and possibly die.

The Wildlife Rehab Center has a veterinarian standing by to take the arrow out as soon as they can catch the bird.

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