Neighbors say city plow driver gives his house special treatment

7:20 AM, Feb 4, 2011   |    comments
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GRAND RAPIDS (WZZM)-- No matter how much it snows, neighbors say there always seem to be clear parking spaces in front of a house on Rowe Avenue in Grand Rapids.

"There is snow all over the street except for his spot," says nearby resident Michele Schipper.

Residents say a city plow driver who lives in the 2100 block of Rowe uses his truck to push the snow away from his house, even if it means blocking in other residents.

"When you do this, kind of selfishly, you put a lot of other people at risk," says neighbor Jeremy Waite.

The neighbors say they have been putting up with this for years, but when the driver gave his house special treatment during the big blizzard this week, they took pictures and complained to the city.

"We are just sick and tired of it," says Waite.

"We will be investigating it immediately," says Grand Rapids city manager Greg Sundstrom.

The city administration is now looking into the matter. Sundstrom says discipline is possible. 

"We have a work rule that says you can not do something using a city asset to have personal gain and if his personal gain is having a nice comfy parking spot, that's unacceptable," says Sundstrom. 

The woman who answered his door said the plow driver was not home. She calls the complaints from the neighbors a "crock."

If supervisors determine the driver has violated work rules, the probable punishment will be time off without pay.

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