Ohio vandals knock the wind out of Frosty with a slash and beat-down

1:52 PM, Dec 19, 2006   |    comments
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Cincinnati, OH - A family in Ohio was prey to holiday vandals recently. Their lawn decorations were attacked by neighborhood scrooges. The holiday grinches have been knocking the wind out of frosty. A hidden camera caught two people stabbing repeatedly an inflatable snowman. The snowman's owner, Matt Williquette says, "I thought I heard something but didn't think much of it but then my wife came running downstairs saying 'frosty was down.'" Williquette has seen this happen twice before in the last three weeks, "They slashed him there and they also got him in the head twice." Inside Frosty's mangled torso; Matt found a screwdriver and footprints on the nylon. His neighbors also heard the commotion. Neighbor Nadine Lindquist says, "I was in bed reading and my husband came in and said 'Frosty got hit again,' because it's the third time." Nadine Linquist and her son Isaac live right across the street. Isaac Lindquist says, "It was terrible, real terrible. They are the nicest people and I can't imagine why anybody would be after them specifically." Last week Matt installed a hidden camera because he knew the vandals would come back. This time he got them on tape. The police were canvassing the area. Deputies arrested Robert Snell who lives on Overdell Drive. Matt now plans to install a second camera and once again patch Frosty with another round of masking tape, "If anything it makes me want to decorate more and put more stuff out." Yesterday afternoon, a second suspect surrendered to police. Nathaniel Daniels, 18, was arrested and charged with one count of criminal damaging. -CNN contributed to this story-

John Bumgardner

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