Principal's Aide is fired for refusing to take medical training

8:45 PM, Jan 16, 2007   |    comments
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An employee at a Zeeland elementary school has been fired because she refused to learn how to give insulin injections. Now, several of her supporters are asking administrators to reconsider their actions. The woman, 39-year old Laurie Jordan was a Principal's Aide at Roosevelt Elementary School and had been with the school for 10 years. She says she refused the training because she didn't feel comfortable giving an injection to a student. The Zeeland Public School District did confirm that the "employee" was terminated because she refused to take the medical training. Inside the district's administrative office, the posting for the job is already up on the job board. The district says although they can't talk specifically about Jordan's case, they did want to explain more about the training and why they believe it's needed in the school district. Jim Camenga, the district's Communications Specialist says they have children who require medications, including insulin. Comenga says, “Because of the Americans with Disabilities Act, we have to provide care for students up to a certain point and meet the needs of the students who have medication issues." The district went on to say that the employees are also covered by the Good Samaritan Law which protects school employees who, with good training, have to administer medication. Monday night, group of Jordan's supporters went to the school board asking the district to hire a nurse and to reconsider her dismissal. Jordan says she had a spotless record at the school and loved her job. The school board is now looking into the issue to make sure the district followed the proper procedures when Jordan was fired.

Sarah Sell

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