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Ohio may take more Great Lakes water

6:38 PM, Jun 29, 2011   |    comments
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(WZZM)- The Great Lakes are about to lose millions of gallons of water as part of a bill signed by Ohio's governor.  The bill allows businesses to take millions more gallons of water from Lake Erie each day.  Those who study water issues say if the bill is signed by Ohio's governor, other states might do the same.

Dr. Alan Steinman with GVSU's Annis Water Resources Institute says, "Michigan is the state that has the most at stake. We are the Great Lakes state. We touch on four of the Great Lakes. And as a consequence we tend to be one of the strongest advocates for conservation and sustainable use of the Great Lakes. We want to lead that charge, and rightfully so. And so we want to see other states also be vigilant in their use of water."

Dr. Steinman says even if millions of additional gallons are removed from the Great Lakes each day, it would not be noticeable in West Michigan.

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