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Good Samaritan helps disabled women who were snowed in

6:38 PM, Jan 25, 2013   |    comments
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Norton Shores. (January 25, 2013)

NORTON SHORES, Mich. (WZZM) - A disabled woman on the lakeshore wants to thank a good Samaritan for going out of her way to offer assistance in the inclement weather.

Dee Saville and her roommate Ella Absher are both confined to wheelchairs. Thursday, the women couldn't move their garbage cart to the curb after eight inches of snow fell, blocking the ramp from their house to the driveway. Saville called Allied Waste in Jenison to see if, for an extra charge, the garbage collector could pick up the trash from the front door and wheel the cart to the street.

Later that day the Allied Waste employee, who Saville spoke with on the phone, showed up at her door to personally collect the garbage and move the cart to the road.

"She stops on her way home from work to do something so sweet for strangers. I had never talked to her before, and she went out of her way for us," Dee Saville told WZZM 13.

The roommates say the young lady's name is Macy and they want her and others to know how much her kindness meat to them. A friend brought the garbage cart back to the house Friday morning.

Below is Saville's e-mail to WZZM 13:


This is something that happened to me today. I live with a 74 yr old friend, both of us disabled and in wheelchairs. I had reason to call Allied Waste in Jenison today about a billing issue and spoke with a sweet girl named Macy. After handling our issue I inquired if they offer aid to elderly or handicapped who can't get their cart to the road in inclement weather or because of disability. We had a very pleasant conversation and she informed she that she'd look into it. She thought they did but it'd be an extra charge. Macy said she'd call me back tomorrow with an answer.

A couple of hours pass and my doorbell rang. I was expecting one of my "adopted" sons to come plow us out so went to the door and saw a young lady standing there with a shy look on her face. I opened the door and she asked if Ella lived here. The bill is in my roommates name and I handle her expenses so I often just say I'm her to make things easier. I have her legal financial power of attorney so it's not really an issue. We're setting up services with her adult day care provider so I thought she was from there.

She said "This might seem creepy but I spoke with Ella earlier today on the phone, I'm from Allied Services and I wanted to make sure she was able to get the garbage cart to the curb. Is she here?" It was then I realized it was ME she'd talked to and where she was from.

This young lady, after working a full day in Jennison, drove to Norton Shores, where she also lives, went out of her way to locate our home and came by just to check in on us to make sure we could get our garbage to the curb!


She not only came by but she helped me gather up the garbage to take outside, she carried it to the can and then dug out the can from the foot of snow and dragged it to the curb full of our house garbage. THEN promised to be back tomorrow to bring it back to the side of the porch for us!
Again, who actually does this for people!?

I really do not want her to get in trouble with her employer for taking liberties but this is one of those stories that restores faith in humankind and our upcoming generation that she'd go so far out of her way for a stranger. A couple of friends on Facebook suggested I contact the local station and since ZZM is my favorite I contacted you.
I hope this story warms your heart and might get some air time.

TY for your time in reading this...

Dee Saville
Norton Shores, MI














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