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MSP to good samaritans: Be vigilant on crash scenes

7:22 PM, Oct 25, 2013   |    comments
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Crash near 41 Mile Marker on southbound I-196 near Saugatuck

WAYLAND, Mich. (WZZM) -  While pulling over on the highway always comes with some risk, there are safer ways to help someone involved in a crash. 

A traffic crash that killed a good samaritan and another man on the I-196 Ford Freeway, prompted WZZM 13 to find out how people who want to help, can stay safe.

While driving on the I-196 Ford Freeway, 62 year old Terrence Noone saw a Honda had crashed into the median cables.  He didn't know if the driver was OK, so he did what many people would like to think they'd do.

"Somebody trying to help somebody else," says Sergeant Matt Rogers with the Michigan State Police.

Noone went to help 21 year old Jared Kavisnky.

"Both people were outside the vehicle at the time when a second vehicle lost control," says Sergeant Rogers.

A Chevy Impala hit and killed both men.

"Trying to be a good person and losing their life because of that, it is very tragic," says Sgt. Rogers.

Sgt. Rogers says drivers frequently try to do the right thing, but sometimes take the wrong approach to protect themselves.  Rogers say first, always face the oncoming traffic.  He also says get in or stay in a vehicle as quickly as possible.

"Put your seatbelt on because this is the best place for you at this point," says Sergeant Rogers.

Sgt. Rogers says there's one other option, if it's available.

"Get yourself on the other side of a barrier of some sort because you don't stand a chance if you're outside your vehicle," says Sergeant Rogers. 

Slippery roads are believed to be a factor in the original crash.
State police are still investigating whether Joseph Willard, the driver of the car that killed the two men, will be facing charges.

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