On Your Side: Tips for spring break cruising

1:25 AM, Mar 15, 2013   |    comments
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GRAND RAPIDS (WZZM) - Thursday, another Carnival cruise ship reported mechanical problems, leaving passengers high and dry at sea. With a string of recent Carnival Cruise mishaps, would you consider taking to the seas for a spring vaction?

Most of the people we talked to are still not worried about cruising Carnival.

"You think they'd fix their problem, then they'd be cheaper and I could get a good deal," said Marianne Field.

"To me, it might even add a little adventure, which I love," said Katherine Besemer.

There were a few here and there who would chose another line. "No. No Carnival," said Kwesi Asare. "Too many problems."

When we went to Breton Village Travel, President and owner John Lovell still says a cruise is one of the safest ways to vacation. "Cruising is still one of the most popular vacations out there. It has one of the highest satisfaction values of any vacation you can take."

If you are going on a cruise, you know many of the island destinations don't require you to have a passport. That's where Lovell says, many Carnival passengers went wrong. "Any time you leave the country in today's world, you should have a passport."

That way, in a situation like "The Dream's," it will be easier for passengers with passports to be re-routed on planes.

Also a good idea, travel insurance: "You've got to look at that trip, that you're spending a lot of money as an investment." Even though Carnival will cover costs for it's customers, it is a courtesy, and travel insurance could cover you in these situations and beyond.

"You could buy a trip and your significant other, or spouse, or one of your kids could get sick, and you may not be able to make it... You're going to still be under those cancelation penalties unless you have that insurance." And, some health care providers won't cover you while you are out of the country.

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