What to do with a flooded house

5:51 PM, Apr 12, 2013   |    comments
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GRAND HAVEN, Mich. (WZZM) - Whether it's in a basement, or a living room, water can lead to a serious health problem. WZZM 13 is looking into what to do if a home is flooded.

Kevin Simmerman, operations manager for Service Master Lakeshore specializes in restoring homes damaged by flooding. First, he uses what's known as a hydro sensor, to check for wet spots on the floor and then he uses another device, which has a similar function on walls.

Based on the size of the room and the damage, the homeowner should then have an estimate.

"It ranges between $1,500 and $3,000," says Simmerman.

Then he turns on a water extracting machine, which is connected to a vacuum-like device.

"It is sucking the water out of the carpet or any padding and flooring underneath," says Simmerman.

If water is detected in the walls, he drills holes, which make it air flow easier for when the drying process begins. He then uses a dehumidifier and an air mover at the same time.

"This (air mover) stirs the moisture into the air and the dehumidifier sucks the moisture out of the air," says Simmerman.

If the material can't be saved, Simmerman recommends hiring someone to replace it quickly.

"The more moisture there is in a porous material, the more mold will grow, and the more health risk for a homeowner," says Simmerman.

Home restoration experts say they try to have materials dry in three to five days, but that doesn't always happen.

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