How to find storm "safe spot" in your home

6:21 PM, May 22, 2013   |    comments
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This frame grab provided by KWTV shows a tornado in Oklahoma City, Okla. on April 20, 2013. (KWTV/AP Photo)

(WXIA) -- It only takes a few moments for Mother Nature to wreck havoc.

Meteorologist Allison Chinchar from WZZM 13's sister station in Atlanta walks through a home to show you why your first instinct may not be the best choice.

Allison says often people go outside to check out a storm and see where it is, but you should actually be going inside to your safe place during severe weather outbreaks.

Once inside, many people head for the bathroom, assuming it's the safest place in the house. However if the bathroom is upstairs, you risk a tree falling through the roof and ceiling -- and harming you or a family member.

If you've moved to the lowest level of your home, Allison says do not stand next to a window to see if the storm is getting close. That's because hail or debris can break the window and send glass shards flying.

Another option that looks good, but should be avoided, is a room with exterior walls. Even if it doesn't have windows, a tornado can send debris flying and easily puncture or flatten exterior walls.

The best place you can be is the lowest level of your home with four walls around you, and none of them are exterior walls. For added protection, put a helmet on and ride out the storm.

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