Driving instructor details steps to avoid road rage

6:43 PM, Sep 19, 2013   |    comments
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  • Adam Williams, Instructor at Century Driving School
  • Adam Williams, Instructor at Century Driving School

WYOMING, Mich. (WZZM) -- Road rage is becoming all too common, and no matter how safe we try to be, sometimes we do things that cause others to be angry. But there are steps to prevent road rage from escalating.

Adam Williams is an instructor at Century Driving School. "First of all, if someone is clearly angry at you, you should apologize and acknowledge you did something wrong." This can be accomplished by making eye contact raising an open hand in the air and saying "My fault," or "I am sorry."

At this point, it is best to try to ignore the other driver and avoid making eye contact. "Try to pretend the incident didn't happen," explains Williams. This means looking forward and continuing to drive defensively.

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If the driver is still yelling at you to pull over, don't. "People's first reaction is to drive home where they feel safe. That is actually the worst thing you can do," explains Williams. "If you must pull over, stay in an area that is crowded and full of witnesses, but it is best if you don't pull over at all."

If the aggressive driver continues to follow you, consider calling the police or driving to the police station. In short: Don't respond with anger, forget it and drive, and try to stay positive with your communication with other drivers.

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