Online Buzz - Vertical Video and Pretty Rainbows

11:57 AM, Nov 23, 2013   |    comments
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Photo credit withheld to reduce embarrassment

(WZZM) - Last weekend's storms were great reminders for a lot of things: know where your flashlights are, know where your NOAA radio is, know where to go if there is a tornado and you live in a doublewide.  But there was also something that many of you appeared to not know - how best to shoot video using your phone.

We received dozens of photos and videos of the storm and the glorious rainbow that appeared afterwards.  But unfortunately, there were many that we could not use because they were shot by someone holding their phone vertically and therefore came out either tall and narrow, or on their side.

Watch the above video for examples of some of the videos we received and how to solve the issue, so you can do better next time...and whenever you are shooting video with your phone.

The puppets at Glove and Boots have put together an anti-vertical video message.  Watch that here:

Also, Glove and Boots are your time-wasters of the week.  Watch here for their guide on internet trolling:

Here's their main channel:

And if you think I may have been too harsh criticizing viewer videos, watch what this meteorologist had to say on-air about Colorado residents and their snow photos.

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