13 year old charged with murder; 911 tape reveals details

8:38 AM, Feb 9, 2010   |    comments
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  • Keishawn Mann
  • Jemelle Stokes

KENT COUNTY, Mich. (WZZM) - 13 year old Kieshawn Mann will appear in court again Wednesday.  He is charged with open murder in the death of his mother's fiancee Jermelle Stokes.

Mann claims the shooting was an accident, but we've obtained the emergency call Mann made to report Stokes' death. In his initial account to the dispatcher, Mann says Stokes was using the computer while Mann and his siblings were downstairs, and they heard a shot.

"We kind of seen it cause I was coming up the stairs, we kind of seen it and then it was like 'pow' and I ran back downstairs to get them and make sure they was alright and I heard somebody come out the door and I don't know," Mann told the dispatcher. The dispatcher later asked Mann if he knew of anyone who wanted to hurt Stokes. Mann said someone had called their house in Kentwood threatening Stokes.

Mann will be tried as an adult. During his court appearance on February 1st  Mann's attorney said the shooting was accidental. However prosecutors insist the killing was premeditated. They say Mann told a classmate he planned to kill Stokes.

Dozens of family and friends attended Mann's arraignment last week. Supporters say the picture painted of Mann is not the boy they know. His classmates' parents describe Mann as shy and someone every parent would want their child to play with.

WZZM 13 has been in touch with a cousin of the victim.  The relative says the loss of Stokes is hard, and the fact Mann is charged with his murder makes it particularly difficult. Stokes was Mann's father figure since the boy was three years old.

By Lambrini Lukidis

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