Convicted Grand Haven school board member faces possible recall

6:27 AM, Mar 30, 2010   |    comments
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Brandon Hall, the Grand Haven Area Public Schools trustee convicted of larceny on March 29, 2010.

Grand Haven, MI (WZZM)- If a Grand Haven school board member convicted of stealing from a fundraiser won't resign, leaders of a recall campaign will try to vote him out of office.

"He can't do his job right now," says recall campaign spokesman R.J.Winter.

Brandon Hall, 20, was convicted of stealing $750 from a student fundraiser for the American Cancer Society.

"Part of the money I spent," admits Hall. "The rest of the money was lost in a bag with a school camera and some papers. I have no idea where it is."

During the investigation, Hall also admitted to police he has smoked marijuana.

"I told them the truth," he says. "When they asked if I've smoked pot before, I told them I have."

Under terms of his probation and censure from the board, Hall may only come onto school property and represent the district during board meetings. 

"I think a school board member should be going to various schools and meeting with teachers, administrators and students," says Winter. "This is not a personal attack on Brandon. We are only doing this because he can't do the job he said he could do."

"I'm still able to communicate with people in the district," says Hall. "I'm able to go to events as a private citizen and keep in touch with the district."

Hall has repaid all of the money missing from the fundraiser.

He has two years remaining on his term as a trustee for the Grand Haven Area Public Schools.

"I'm very remorseful about what I did," says Hall. "I had a severe moment of weakness and I'm going to pay for that for the rest of my life."

To get the recall on the November ballot, leaders of the campaign have to collect 4,200 signatures.

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