West Michigan neighbors find several black widow spiders in yards

4:51 PM, Jun 3, 2011   |    comments
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Black widow spider

TWIN LAKE, Mich. (WZZM)- If you think the mosquitoes are bad this year, be glad you're not dealing with venomous spiders.
Neighbors in Muskegon County say they have found several Northern Black Widows around their homes. They are common in the Western-Lower Peninsula.

"We found two on my house, two on the lawn and one on her house," says Ryan Fox. It's been a bit unsettling for him and his neighbor Kim Knoll. "I got little kids running around here; I don't want anybody to get bit by a black widow."

According to National Geographic, the black widow spider is 15-times more toxic than a rattlesnake. But, since the amount of venom is small, people rarely die from black widow bites. However, if bitten, a person is urged to seek treatment immediately. Kim says, "I hate spiders and the seeing those, it's really scary, cause I have a little dog, kids running around here, kind of scary."

Northern Black Widow Spiders are common around woodpiles, or under rocks. With that in mind, Ryan and Kim are being careful about every step they take. The black widow is not aggressive, but will bite when touched or harmed. The Michigan Department of Natural Resources says to wear gloves, and pay attention to where you are working.  

By Sarah Sell

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