Van Houten Sextuplets Update

3:18 PM, Jan 24, 2004   |    comments
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While Michigan's first sextuplets remain on life support in critical condition tonight, their parents and medical team explain how they're taking care of them. Doctors say it could take 2-million dollars to get the babies home on their initial April due date. But the journey for the Van Houten six has parenting six babies you can't hold has been a challenge for Ben and Amy Van Houten. The 26 and 29-year-old parents have been traveling 40 minutes to an hour everyday to visit them. All they can do right now is to touch their little hands and legs. And Amy just began providing milk and changing their diapers. Amy Van Houten said, "it's been really amazing to me that they've been able to open their eyes and respond to my voice and just kind of sit and stare at me." John Paul, Gerrit Calvin, Samantha Clair, Nolan Benjamin, Peyton Scott and Kennedy Alexis all still need machines to keep them alive. But one of the smallest babies, Samantha, who is one pound 6 ounces, came off the ventilator this week after spitting it out. The first two babies, two week old John, and one week old Gerrit were the first to experience some complications. Amy Van Houten said, ” All we've felt the need to do is pray and that's what we've been doing. Everything else after that will fall into place." Dr. Alan Jones of Spectrum Health said, "For the moment all of our battles are under control for the moment and we'll go on day to day with the family and try to get them over the next several weeks." Doctors say when babies are born 3 and half months early they could develop colitis, bleeding of the brain, organ trouble and respiratory problems. That is another hurdle that a tearful Amy says God will get them over. Amy Van Houten said, "Taking a breath. I just want to thank my Lord for bringing us through so many different challenges from the beginning of pregnancy until now. He's just been so faithful we could never have made it through this without Him." Amy and Ben say people from all over the world have been praying for the sextuplets. They have a copy of an article in a Belgium newspaper that reads six babies in 10 days. For the latest updates logon to our website and click on Newslinks.

Kim Covington

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