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UPDATE: Vintage porn collection worth $7500 stolen

12:34 AM, Feb 24, 2013   |    comments
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Video: Free Beer & Hot Wings - When porn gets stolen

Earlie Johnson & Angela Morton.

UPDATE (Saturday, February 23)-- A pornography company is offering to help a Muskegon man whose pricey porn collection was stolen.

Earlie Johnson came home earlier this week to find his vintage porn collection missing, along with two flat-screen television sets.

Johnson says he collects rare performances by African American actresses, making the $7,500 collection irreplaceable. But a porn distributor is willing to try.

According to the Huffington Post, the owner of Monarchy Distribution heard Johnson's story and offered to give him one copy of every title in his collection.

Johnson says he's thankful for the offer, but it's unclear if he'll take it.

MUSKEGON, Mich. (WZZM) -- A lakeshore man says it's taken him years, and thousands of dollars to assemble the collection of vintage pornography stolen from his house.

Earlie Johnson says he arrived home Tuesday afternoon to find his back door was kicked in. Three flat-screen TVs were taken, along with his stockpile of DVDs.

"We parked in the back and noticed our door was ajar. The house had been broken into," said Johnson. "Our drawers had been ransacked."

Angela Morton, Johnson's fiancé says she first realized the adult film collection was missing. "I went in the bedroom and I told him 'oh you really getting ready to be mad.' He said why? I said 'all your porn is gone,'" said Morton.

"I had a sinking felling because my porn collection is valuable, man," Johnson told WZZM 13.

Johnson collects rare performances by black adult film stars that were difficult for him to find and impossible to replace. He says the stolen pornography collection is worth $7,500, much more than the televisions that were taken.

"I had a collection that had every African American that's ever been in porn, from the 70s up until now," explained Johnson.

"My collection was the best in Michigan-- a guy in Connecticut told me that," said Johnson. He believes the thieves realized the value when they stumbled on the porn.

"They came upon it and looked at the titles and realized what they had ran across... and realized people will pay cash money for them DVDs."

Johnson says his rare footage can't be found on the internet.

"I trade and I collect and I look at them too. I ain't got no problem with that," said Johnson.

Morton defends her fiancé's collection. "They probably think we are freaks or something... no, it's something natural and it's healthy," she told WZZM 13.

"I'm not no scum bag guy, pervert, or nothing like that-- I just thought it was cool to own my own porn collection," said Johnson. "It keeps my relationship fresh and tight, and I learn stuff that I can use on her."

Johnson says he plans to start rebuilding his vintage pornography collection. He didn't report the crime because he says he just doesn't call the police. But Morton says she reported the crime because that's what you do when someone breaks into your home and violates your space.

Police say they don't have any suspects.

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