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Abbott:"Moral Compass" Compells Testimony Against Paul Bernard

8:53 AM, May 10, 2005   |    comments
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Grand Rapids - Confessed murderer Randall Abbott said his "moral compass" is the reason he testified Monday against murder suspect Paul Bernard. Abbott pled guilty in March to killing his ex-wife Julie. He killed her exactly one year after Mimi Bernard was murdered in the Cascade home she once shared with Paul Bernard. Abbott and Bernard once shared a cell at the Kent County Jail. Monday, Abbott testified Bernard confided his role in his ex-wife's death. "He said, 'I killed my wife, stabbed her - but I'm not gonna confess like you did.' " Abbott said Bernard's defense was "to create reasonable doubt...he talked about there being a boyfriend." Abbott said he would receive no benefit for his testimony - no reduction of his life prison term. He did request, however, that he never share the same prison as Paul Bernard, in the event Bernard is convicted. Asked why he was testifying, Abbott said:” I have a moral compass. In the end I follow that."

Peter Ross

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