Hurricane Update: FEMA Director's Credentials in Question

9:55 AM, Sep 9, 2005   |    comments
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Washington - The criticism of FEMA Director Michael Brown continues. Now his credentials are facing new questions. Time Magazine reports his official bio and online legal profile have discrepancies. Brown's bio on the FEMA Web site said he oversaw emergency services in Edmond, Oklahoma. But a spokeswoman for the city tells Time that Brown's position was "more like an intern." A FEMA official says Brown did start as an intern, but became an assistant city manager and had a distinguished record. The magazine also reports Brown's profile on the Web site FindLaw-dot-com lists him as an "outstanding Political Science Professor" at Central State University. The school says he was a student. In New Orleans, police say just about everyone willing to leave the city is gone. Now officers say they're prepared to carry out the mayor's order to forcibly remove the estimated 5,000 to 10,000 people who remain in their homes. The residents are being forced out because of sanitary conditions, a lack of utilities and the inability to effectly protect them from harm. Meantime, President Bush says the federal government will stand by Hurricane Katrina's victims as they rebuild. But he says more money will be needed. Yesterday, Bush signed a 52 billion dollar relief package, pushing federal funding to more than 62 billion dollars.

Carin Windom\AP

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