West Michigan Lawmaker Proposes Smaller Legislature

4:10 PM, Feb 8, 2006   |    comments
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Lansing - A state lawmaker wants to shrink the size of the Michigan Legislature. The state House would drop from 110 members to 60 members and the Senate from 38 to 20 under legislation proposed by state Representative Glenn Steil, a Republican from Cascade. Steil says his plan would save the state nearly five-point-five million dollars a year in salary, with the potential for more savings. Steil also wants to extend term limits from six to 12 years in the House, and eight to 16 years in the Senate. Steil says a smaller Legislature could be just as effective, and the tradeoff would come with more experienced lawmakers. If the measure passes the Legislature, it would go to Michigan voters because it would amend the state constitution.


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