Hoekstra says weapons of mass destruction were found in Iraq

7:05 PM, Jun 22, 2006   |    comments
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Undated - Congressman Pete Hoekstra says he has proof weapons of mass destruction did exist in Iraq. The Holland Republican announced this week he has found a declassified report. That report says since 2004 coalition forces have found 500 munitions that contained degraded mustard nerve agents in Iraq. Rep. Pete Hoekstra of Holland says, "This indicates one more time that [there are] a lot of things in Iraq that we don't fully comprehend or understand. But what it does dispel, is the very simple notion that there was not a single weapon of mass destruction in Iraq, but that actually hundreds of these existed and continue to exist in Iraq." The report says the weapons were produced before the 1991 gulf war. A defense official says the weapons were not considered likely to be dangerous because of their age.

John Bumgardner

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