Anna Kournikova comes to Grand Rapids

11:23 PM, Feb 13, 2007   |    comments
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For someone who lives in Florida most of the year, Anna Kournikova seems way too happy to be in cold, snowy Michigan. "I was the first one to come to Michigan. I love Michigan. I've spent many, many years here and I haven't been here in a while." Most of Anna's time in Michigan was likely spent with her reported ex-boyfriend and former Red Wing Sergei Fedorov. Tuesday she was back with a purpose playing tennis at Van Andel Arena, raising money to fight lukemia. "It's an honor for me to be a part of this and when I got a phone call from Jim Courier to be a part of this I jumped at the opportunity." So to did other tennis superstars. Kournikova and Jim Courier will be joined tonight at Van Andel by Jana Novotna and three-time Wimbledon champ John McEnroe. "You also want to be able to feel like you can give the people what they're looking for. In Jim's case it's his good looks and his sense of humor. In my case it's yelling at the umpire. We should be able to supply that, I believe." That should provide more than enough excitement for one night, add that to the fact that fans will get a chance to see Anna back in action. She hasn't played on tour since 2003, and while she's not looking to start a comeback, she is only 25, so don't rule one out either. "Tomorrow I might wake up and want to give it another try and I'll train for three months and see how I feel and maybe play a few tournaments. I really don't know that's why I haven't said okay that's it I'm done forever because I really haven't decided. I don't know that myself." Until she decides, it's exhibition only. But for most of her male fans, that will be just fine.

Dan Harland

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