Trial Begins for Boy Accused of Killing Family

10:44 PM, Jan 12, 2004   |    comments
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The trial is underway for a boy who police say murdered his family in Walker.

Jon Siesling is accused of killing his mother Sharon and 15 and 6 year old sisters Katelin and Leah. On a bitter cold evening about one year ago Walker police rushed to a house on Walker Avenue after Jon Siesling called 911.

Police say he told them three men had broken in, and killed his family. Monday in a Kent County Circuit courtroom, prosecutor William Forsyth described what the police saw,

"When they walk in, frankly they walk into a bloodbath."

Jon's mother Sharon and his sisters 15 year old Katelin and 6 year old Leah were all dead. Two were on the floor, Leah was in bed. "They look under and find her dead, but dressed in a snow suit just as she had come in from playing in the snow," Forsyth said in his opening arguments.

He described how graphic the murders were, including how after being hit with a baseball bat Katelin ran outside to try and get help. "He chases her back into the house and slits her throat," Forsyth says.

After Katelin was dead the prosecutor says Siesling sexually assaulted her. Forsyth says Siesling who was 17 at the time of the killings, frequently talked about killing his family and how he was going to do it. Siesling's attorney says Jon was insane at the time of the killings and therefore not responsible for what he did.

Attorney Dick Hillary says he'll show how Jon had been hospitalized before, diagnosed with psychotic tendencies, and what Jon said when he confessed to the killings.

"He told the detectives that another personality had taken over. Coupled with all of that I think I have met my burden of proof," said Dick Hillary.

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