Sunday liquor sales in Holland begin

2:26 AM, Mar 19, 2007   |    comments
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HOLLAND - Employees at AlpenRose in Holland cleaned up after brunch, the restaurant is popular spot after church. This Sunday is the first Sunday AlpenRose was licensed to sell liquor. "We ran a couple of Bloody Mary specials sort of to get the word out and we just sold a handful of them. It's something that will take a lot of time to get used to," said Manager Kara Barney. While the establishment is excited to offer hard liquor to the customers as an option, they didn't expect a large drinking crowd. "Liquor is not a huge seller on a Sunday especially with a lot of people coming in with their families after church and things," said Barney. Both Barney and Holland Mayor Al McGeehan hope this will pave the way to lifting the Sunday ban completely. "Look this hasn't made a huge impact you can see that here today. Folks haven't lined up to say 'oh now we can have a mixed drink,' I've heard from the merchants that eighty five to ninety percent of what they serve is beer and wine,” said McGeehan. Mayor McGeehan hopes adding beer and wine to the menu will pick-up the Sunday pace downtown. Meantime, on the south end of town, Village Inn Pizza is looking for help. Manager Sarah Postmus says the bar will definitely be busier now that they can sell hard liquor. "Right now we only have a couple (bartenders) and that puts us in a sweet spot like Sundays now we'll need a bar tender." Village Inn expected a lot of regulars this Sunday, but their liquor license stalled in the mail. "We'll probably get it on Monday, a day too late," laughed Postmus. When they do, they say the liquor is ready and waiting every Sunday.

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