Pancake Puffs

11:56 AM, Nov 22, 2007   |    comments
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(Lowell) The commercial for the Pancake Puffs makes your mouth water. It shows a pan with shallow divots that you can fill with pancake or cake batter then flip them to make these adorable pancake puffs. But that's not all. It also includes an injector so you can fill the puffs with anything imaginable: syrup, frosting, or pudding. You could also throw in sausage or use a corn bread mix with cheese filling. The possibilities seem endless. I couldn't wait to try the product and got some help from Trudy Cahoon, the owner of Keiser's Kitchen in Lowell. She was excited too. But our excitement quickly turned to disappointment. The cast-iron pan was really small; the puffs weren't going to be as big as we thought. And our batter kept sticking. The pancake batter was really hard to flip over without it getting stuck, and it didn't cook our puffs all the way through; they were doughy in the middle. When we used cake batter, it didn't stick as badly, but they charred and were gooey in the middle. We gave it a couple tries and they just didn't come out cooked right. Even after a couple tries and using both cooking spray and butter, the pancake batter would not stop sticking. Then, that injector that was included for all those fun fillings, well, it was either defective or just wasn't what it was cracked up to be. The nose of the injector was too big for our tiny puffs, and it wouldn't hold the syrup or sauces; it just kept running out before we could put it in the puff. Big thumbs down on the Pancake Puffs. If you planned on impressing friends with this, the Pancake Puffs would definitely be a party pooper. We found it online for $19.99. It's also sold at the “Seen on Screen” store in Muskegon. By the way, I got about a dozen emails from people who say this is just a new name for something that's been around forever in Danish families to cook what I'm told are called Aebleskiver. I was given a website to look at you might want to check out... You'll notice it uses a cake batter, which I used in the Pancake Puffs and it didn't stick to the pan like the pancake batter did.

Lauren Stanton

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