Hannah Montana frenzy: tickets at any cost

9:16 AM, Dec 6, 2007   |    comments
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COMSTOCK PARK - The hottest ticket in town could burn a hole in your pocket. Emily D'Amico and Ryanna Fierick are 10-year-old fanatics. The girls know every word and move of singing sensation Miley Cyrus. “When she goes on stage she puts her blonde wig on and she's Hannah Montana," said D'Amico. The pop star's tour sold out months ago, outselling and out-pricing legends like Bruce Springsteen. "We listened to the radio, called on it. Our parents registered everywhere." Program Director and radio personality Bill Bailey at WLHT says Hannah Montana is a phenomenon. "For us it's brought a lot of excitement, a lot of people who have been interested in winning the tickets." Dads even dressed in drag and raced for seats outside the Van Andel Arena Wednesday morning. Some parents are also willing to pay anything to get tickets. Online tickets are going for hundreds even thousands of dollars. "That's a lot of money for one ticket," admitted D'Amico. Her mother Amy Phillips also admitted to signing up for a spoof of Fear Factor to win tickets for her daughter, but says paying more than face value is impossible. "There's no way-- financially-- no way at all." Psychologist Paul Critelli says parents that do anything and pay anything to please their kids are sending the wrong message. "Certainly spending a budget buster amount of money is absolutely incorrect because it signals to the child that whatever you want, even it you've been very good we will do it sacrificing all other things for you." Critelli says it is healthy to surprise your kids as long as it's within reason. Phillips' father found three tickets Wednesday on ticketmaster.com for $56.00 each. Once the girls found out they had tickets there was a screaming frenzy. Feirick, had tears running down her face, and D'Amico was in disbelief. "My dad went online just by chance. Three tickets and we paid the normal price, and that's what it should be," said Phillips.

Lambrini Lukidis

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