McCain rallies in Battle Creek

9:23 AM, Jan 14, 2008   |    comments
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Battle Creek - A large energetic crowd greeted presidential hopeful John McCain, but the applause and standing ovation is not a sure sign. According to polls only 1 percentage point separates John McCain and Mitt Romney in the Republican race. Voters attending Sunday's rally at the Burnham-Brook Community Center in Battle Creek wanted answers. "Everybody is talking about the changes, but nobody says what the changes are and this is what I want to hear," said Patty Miller of Battle Creek McCain says change means investing in education and new technology. "The technology is here, the workers are here. Not only will Michigan lead the world in innovation and green technologies, but we will take care of our displaced workers. Fighting global terror will make America safe McCain says and he plans to make good on unfinished business. "I will go to the gates of hell to get Osama Bin Laden. I will get him and I will bring him to justice," said McCain. McCain also talked about how this change will happen on the job front, by investing in workforce. "We need a second change with training and education programs." Those in the crowd said they are confident McCain will make good on those promises. "I believe and hope he can bring trust back to our government," said Mike Boles of Battle Creek. McCain's ability to connect with veterans is another strength. Following the rally, he spoke to Shane Farlan who lost his eye in an IED explosion in Iraq. "I got the cell phone of one of his directors, he could have just signed that and moved on but he took the time he cared, and it was more that I expected," said Farlan. But can the Arizona senator win Michigan again? The voters are enthusiastic, but they are considering McCain's toughest competitor. "I'm also considering Romney, he offers a whole different perspective, he's full of energy, and I have to think about both of them before I make a choice," said Miller.

Lambrini Lukidis

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