Shark Steam Mop

7:58 PM, Jan 16, 2008   |    comments
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Muskegon - When it comes to mopping floors, there are a lot of options these days besides a mop and bucket. The latest trend is using the power of steam. There are a lot of steam mops on the market right now and we couldn't try them all, but after the suggestion of one of our viewers, we decided to try the Shark Steam Mop. I visited Grammy Annie's Daycare in Muskegon to test it out. Anna Hanks is the owner of the home daycare where she has linoleum and hard wood floors throughout. The Shark Steam Mop was a snap to put together with very few parts and easy directions. It comes with two reusable pads that you can throw in the washer and a nice long cord for far-reaching cleaning. It comes with a measuring cup and funnel that made it easy to fill. It says to use distilled water to extend the life of your steam mop and we used Anna's filtered water. The steam pours out of it while you're mopping and we thought it was easy to use, dare I say, even FUN! And the proof was in the pad. After mopping Anna's whole kitchen, the mop pad was good and dirty and we felt like it picked up dirt we didn't even see. It was a little tougher to push on Anna's wood floors. They're more rustic and don't have much of a finish, so it gripped a little more, but not enough that it changed Anna's mind. She still liked it a lot and would buy it. We even gave it the white sock test and it passed with flying colors (or no color as it was). Anna loved that it doesn't use chemicals since she has children in her daycare with allergies. And we loved that it doesn't leave a residue from solution that often collects dirt. It also dries quickly, again, another huge bonus when you have kids running through your house. We found it for $79.99 at Target, which seemed pricey, but when you consider there's no solution or pads to keep buying, we were okay with the price. There are a number of other steam mops made by other companies, including the Bissell Steam Mop and Lysol Steam Mop. Read this discussion comparing steam mops And if you've had experience with other steam mops or would like to comment on the Shark Steam Mop, add your comments below. We'd love to hear from you and would appreciate your input.

Lauren Stanton

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