High School hockey players turn to yoga for extra edge

11:03 AM, Jul 30, 2008   |    comments
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The East Grand Rapids High School hockey team is training in a very unique way.  They fought their way through the season last year.  This year, they've got a secret weapon; they're breathing deeply and finding inner peace, through yoga.

EGR Hockey Coach Joe Day says, "Young athletes are awesome at the physical.  They can play their sport. They can skate well. But, going to the next level where we want to take this program they need to focus."

Day says NHL players are using yoga to up their game, so why not try it at the high school level. "The biggest piece that I want the guys to learn from this is the focus piece."

And Seva Yoga instructor Michele Fife is making sure they learn just that.

It's a challenge. Defenseman Mike Meyer says it is hard, learning balance and focus.  "After the first session, I sweat more than I ever had before and I was really sore the next morning."

Maybe a game of hockey isn't nearly as exhausting as an hour of yoga?

Seva Yoga is breaking into the sporting world. Last spring they held special yoga classes for tri-athletes. This fall they expect to hold classes for football players.

Val Lego

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