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Teens party, have sex and burglarize Howard City house while owner away

10:13 AM, Jul 30, 2008   |    comments
  • Charles Johnson III
  • Raelyne York
  • Charles Ambrose
  • John Pyne
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HOWARD CITY, Mich. (WZZM) - They didn't just steal her possessions, police say a croup of teenagers also partied inside and trashed a home near Howard City while the owner was away for the winter.

"My God, that's horrible," says neighbor Shirley Northrup. "I never heard a thing."

Investigators say they are charging 10 teenage suspects but believe as many as 16 were involved. Once they knew it was empty police say the teenagers broke into the house time after time.

They took the big screen t-v, electronic equipment, jewelry, guns and money.

"It was apparent it was more than one person who broke in and numerous times," says Howard City Police Officer Trent Moeggenberg.

The owner was staying with a nearby relative after a death in the family.

She came home to a knee deep, rotting mess of clothing, garbage and household goods.

"The place was totally trashed," says Officer Moeggenberg. "Everything was pulled out of the drawers and thrown on the ground."

Much of the stolen property was recovered, but many items with sentimental value to the owner are still missing.

5 of the suspects facing felony home invasion charges are 18 years old, 5 are under 18.  7 are boys and 3 are girls.  They include Charles Ambrose Jr., 18, of Howard City, Vincent Andersen, 18, of Howard City, Charles Johnson III, 18, of Greenville, John Pyne, 18, of Howard City, and Raelyne York, 18, of Howard City.  The five others are juveniles.

"Some of the names are familiar," says Officer Moeggenberg. "I've dealt with some in the past, but not on this scale."

The woman who owns the house says she no longer feels safe and can't live there anymore.

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