E-Block: 'Argo,' 'Seven Psychopaths,' & First Look: 'Hitchcock'

1:11 PM, Oct 18, 2012   |    comments
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IN THEATERS: Ben Affleck directs and stars in 'Argo' ... Christopher Walken and Colin Farrell in 'Seven Psycopaths' (yes, there are five more ...) ... Ethan Hawke in 'Sinister' ... and Kevin James in 'Here Comes the Boom.'

FIRST LOOK:  He's a legendary director and a controversial figure in Hollywood history - check out our First Look at 'Hitchcock.'

IN 'TITANIC' NEWS:  Did James Cameron really need to kill of Leonardo DiCaprio's character in Titanic?  Well, yes, but the guys at Mythbusters wanted to know if Jack could have survived anyway.  We've got a preview of what they find out.

QUICK BITS:  Big cash for 'Taken 2' - and Liam Neeson ... a memoir from one of the most notorious women in Hollywood history ... a new season of 'The Walking Dead' ... and a certain loveable loser is headed back to the big screen.

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