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Want snow? Make your own!

5:49 PM, Dec 26, 2012   |    comments
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Cannonsburg, MI (WZZM) - Employees at Cannonsburg Ski Area have been logging plenty of SNOW-vertime.

Conditions have to be just right to make snow and the last few days have been just about perfect.

Dylan Ott, part of the Cannonsburg maintenance team explains the process.  The have two large pumps in a pond at the base of the hill.  Those two pumps send water to their 37 snow guns that then spray a very fine mist of water that turns to crystals at it hits the below freezing air.

The system requires constant adjustments.  Ott says, "We have to keep constantly adjusting the depth of the pond. Sometimes we can run it dry actually."

They've already packed one to two feet of snow on some of the hills and they'll keep making snow as long as they need to.

Click here for more information about Cannonsburg Ski Area.

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