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2:05 PM, Jun 29, 2010   |    comments
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We welcome your comments and suggestions and intend to keep you updated with the best of our news coverage. Like any news community we function best in an environment that allows you to express and exchange your thoughts and opinions openly.

As you engage on the WZZM 13 Facebook page please be mindful of the following suggestions:

*"Like" content you enjoy reading and would want to see more of;

*Comment on posts and encourage others by offering your insights and experiences;

*"Share" compelling content with your friends and network;

*Ask questions or leave feedback and get responses from our social media team.

While we support the right of WZZM 13 Facebook fans to express themselves openly, as a host we have the responsibility to keep the conversation fair and decent. By joining the conversation you are agreeing to all the relevant conditions in the terms of service for Facebook and WZZM 13. Therefore we reserve the right to block fans and/or remove comments based on the following:

*Comments, links, images or videos that are inappropriate (i.e. obscene, profane or hateful in nature);

*Posts that attack, abuse or harass other community members;

*Threats on any person or organization or company;

*Spam, advertisements or posts that are unoriginal and/or off-topic;

*Copyrighted material;

*False comments or claims about WZZM 13.

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