Evidence in search for Baby Kate is not human blood

5:39 PM, Jul 6, 2011   |    comments
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Katherine Phillips (Courtesy: Michigan State Police)

UPDATE at 5:30PM (WZZM)- The family of Katherine Phillips confirmed tonight to WZZM that the substance believed to be blood, found in the woods near Sean Michael Phillips' home, was not human.  The Mason County Sheriff says tests of the substance from the crime lab also confirm it was not human.  The substance was bird feces. The search will continue Wednesday night.

BLUE LAKE TWP., Mich. (WZZM) - Blue Lake Fire Chief Larry Radtke tells WZZM 13 that says members of the township's Search and Rescue Team spent Tuesday combing over private property near suspect Sean Michael Phillips' parent's home.

The dense property is northwest of Scotville and is an area that had already been searched, but area authorities wanted to go over it again.

The team was looking for any evidence that might lead investigators to missing 4-month old Katherine Phillips. Working an arms-length apart, the team criss-crossed the specified area for several hours. Then, Tuesday afternoon, they made what could be an important discovery.

"We found some blood splatter on the trunk of a tree," Larry Radtke, Blue Lake Township Fire Chief told WZZM Wednesday. "And we found a shoe print."

The location was turned over to crime scene specialists with the state police. Test results from the blood splatter will be tested at the state crime lab to determine if the blood is human, or possibly from an animal. If it is human blood, DNA could link Kate or the man who most likely knows her whereabouts, Sean Michael Phillips, to the remote area.

"We hope the evidence we found would further the F.B.I. and detective looking more into that area and gather some more evidence. You know that is all we can hope for," explained Radtke.

Jon Mills

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