UPDATE: Jury finds Sean Phillips guilty in Baby Kate trial

8:55 PM, Apr 27, 2012   |    comments
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  • Katherine Phillips (Courtesy: Michigan State Police)
  • Mason County Courthouse - Ludington

LUDINGTON, Mich. (WZZM) - The jury has returned and has rendered a guilty verdict in the Sean Phillips trial in Ludington.

Phillips is guilty of Unlawful Imprisonment, which carries a 15 year prison sentence.  Official sentencing will be done at a later date.

Phillips was whisked away from the courthouse by a Mason Co. Sheriff's vehicle that drove across the lawn back to the Mason County jail.

Phillips' attorney says they were disappointed in the verdict and that they plan to appeal.  She says there were several instances during the trial that makes an appeal allowable.

The prosecutor tells WZZM that he is relieved at the outcome of the trial, but the case is not over and it won't be over until they discover what happened to Baby Kate.

Sean Phillips' parents did not speak to media after the verdict.

Ariel Courtland did not talk to media after the verdict.

Baby Kate's great-grandmother, Linda Carlson, tells Jon Mills that she doubted the guilty verdict would come, but believes that Phillips killed Kate. 

LUDINGTON, Mich. (WZZM) - The drama continues in Ludington where Sean Phillips is awaiting word from a jury on his fate in the case of the disappearance of Katherine Phillips.

The jurors in the Baby Kate case went home Thursday night at about 7:30pm and returned to the courthouse at 8:00am.  They came back however with a couple of issues.

One female juror has informed the judge that she has a medical problem that may prevent her from continuing on the jury.  She told the judge that she has a history of heart problems and had experienced a rise in her blood pressure overnight and into this morning.  The judge has ordered police to find the woman's doctor and get his opinion on whether or not the woman needs to be excused from jury duty.  The two alternate jurors that heard the case were excused last night, and one of them would need to be recalled if the woman could not continue.

Also to be resolved this morning, the jury has asked the judge for a more complete definition of the word "secret."  Phillips is alleged to have Baby Kate in a "secret" location.

Both issues need to be resolved before the jury can resume deliberations.

WZZM 13's Jon Mills is in the courtroom and we'll have more when it becomes available.

By Jon Mills

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