Avoid Common Winter Ailments

12:04 PM, Jan 29, 2013   |    comments
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Naturopathic Health Consultant, Kelly Hassberger, ND of Grand Rapids Natural Health gives tips to avoid common winter ailments.  

During the winter, the number of heart attacks climbs, according to the American Heart Association. This may be because of physical exertion due to shoveling  or even just the cold weather putting a strain on your heart and possibly increasing blood pressure. It is said that each 1.8 degree F reduction is linked to about 200 additional heart attacks. 

Treatment/Prevention: Regular exercise, stress reduction and a diet high in omega 3 fatty acids can help lower your risk as well as adequate Vitamin D levels. Vitamin C supplements can also work to support a health immune system and promote a sound cardiovascular health. Taking these each day can keep your heart strong .

The common cold:

Each year there are over 1 billion cases of colds in the United States and while washing your hands will help prevent the sniffles, it sometimes isn't enough.

Treatment/Prevention: When you feel the first sign of a cold increasing immune supporting nutrients like Vitamic C and Zinc can help decrease symptoms. Products with zinc like Cold-EEZE, that are clinically proven to shorten the duration of your cold, or products containing Echinacea or Elderberry.


The flu virus is easily passed from one person to the next. You can catch it anytime a nearby sick person sneezes or coughs in your direction. With flu being worse than ever this year, you want to make sure you are being extra cautious.

Treatment/Prevention:  Take all the normal precautions such as washing your hands or using a hand sanitizer, avoiding touching your face, disinfect surfaces, etc. And use immune support as we discussed for the common cold. 


Many people suffer from fatigue or even something called Seasonal Affective Disorder where you feel a little down once the dark, cold weather hits.

Treatment/prevention: Of course make sure you are sticking to a healthy sleep schedule along with trying to get as much SAFE sun exposure as possible - open your blinds, get bundled up and take a walk on a sunny day. You can also see your physician to be sure your Vitamin D levels remain at a healthy level during the winter months. 

Dry Skin

The cold weather and freezing wind takes a toll on your skin during these winter months.

Prevention/Treatment: Make sure to moisturize but it's also helpful to take Fish Oil  supplement high in omega 3s fatty acids. 



Newly opened Grand Rapids Natural Health offers free consultations to help clients explore the potential of holistic medicine.

Grand Rapids, MI:  The cost of healthcare is rising; making preventative medical care the most financially sound strategy for many families.  In response, Naturopathic Doctor Kelly S. Hassberger, ND is offering 15-minute complimentary consults at her newly opened clinic, Grand Rapids Natural Health inside Chiropractic Unlimited. These consults help new clients determine if Naturopathic care is the right choice for them.   Kelly S. Hassberger, who earned her Doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine from Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine, also helps clients who are already suffering from chronic conditions.

Through cost-effective life style changes, nutritional supplementation, homeopathy and other holistic therapies, Naturopathic Medicine seeks to address the underlying cause of illness. By removing obstacles that hinder the body's own natural healing ability, many people utilizing Naturopathic Care regain their health and vitality, often avoiding traditional methods and prescription drugs.

Individuals interested in scheduling a 15-minute complimentary consult with Kelly S. Hassberger, ND may contact Grand Rapids Natural Health at (616) 940-4647 to schedule either a 15 minute phone meeting or appointment at one of two clinics which are located inside the offices of Chiropractic Unlimited. 

5060 Cascade Road Suite E    Grand Rapids, MI  49546

5131 East Paris Ave, SE     Kentwood, MI  49512


Kelly Hassberger


Email: khassberger@grnaturalhealth.com

Website: grnaturalhealth.com

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