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Iowa town beats Grand Rapids' world record

11:38 PM, Jul 26, 2013   |    comments
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1,544 people donned fake mustaches in Grand Rapids for the LaughFest kickoff March 7, 2013. (Photo courtesy LaughFest)

GRAND RAPIDS (WZZM) -- It's still unofficial, but a quirky world record achieved this spring in Grand Rapids has likely been broken. In March, Laughfest made history for the most people wearing fake mustaches.

It was the third consecutive world record for Grand Rapids; In 2011 607 people donned animal noses, in 2012, 925 people tossed rubber chickens at Rosa Parks Circle, and in March Guilda's Laughest set a record with 1,532 fake mustaches.

"We received not only national news, but international news. When you set a world record, people sit up and take notice," said Gilda Club President Wendy Wigger.

The folks in Fairfield, Iowa sure did. The town held a mustache-themed festival called Cirque de Fairfield to welcome the 20,000 bike riders taking part in the The Register's Annual Great Bicycle Ride Across Iowa. (Photos in the video courtesy of our partner, the Des Moines Register).

"Part of our logo was a mustached man and the logo was hold on to your handlebars," said Terry Baker, Assistant Director of Fairfield Iowa Convention and Visitors Bureau. 

An estimated 2,500 residents greeted riders Friday night wearing fake mustaches.

"What became more curious to us is when we started receiving phone calls with people asking us how did we get people to come to the event, how do we count people and then we suddenly realized,

"Well of course we got it from Grand Rapids," said Baker. 

"You know we're not going to help you break this record," said Wigger. 

Unfortunately, Fairfield left us with a frown, beating the Laughfest crowd record of 1,532.

"We're not that in your face kind of town," said Baker. 

But cities still have some catching up to do because West Michigan continues to push the boundaries. WZZM 13's own Steve Zaagman led 760 people to the world record swing dance title at Rosa Parks Circle last year.

Grand Rapids had the title as Worlds largest zombie walk with 4,000 before Seattle stole it away.

And the icing on the cake? The world's largest cinnamon role at 609 pounds, baked in Holland.

"It's all been community involved, community engagement," said Wigger. 

Now, it's back to business planning Grand Rapids' next world record. No word yet if that includes reclaiming the mustache title.

The record-breaking attempts continue Saturday in Hudsonville. The community will attempt to build the biggest salad bowl. Details are on the "My Town" Hudsonville page.

Then, Saturday, August 3, MINI car drivers can join the crowd at the Largest Parade of MINI'S.

Mini plans to set a new world record for the largest one-make parade. Nearly 1,500 cars expected at Mackinac Bridge.

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