Restaurant Week: Take Five Grill-Off

1:26 PM, Aug 9, 2013   |    comments
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Judson's and Gilly's Executive Chef Clark Frain, and Jared Miller, Executive Chef of The Gilmore Collection compete in a live on-air cooking challenge.

The two chefs from the BOB go head-to-head in a food grilling challenge making a dish in less than an hour with 5 secrets Michigan grown and produced products.  The only ingredient they know before the live show at 9am Friday, 8/9/2013 is chicken.

Throughout the show, they will be seen racing around to get their foods prepared for the final tasting and judging by Take Five hosts.  Who will take home the golden wooden spoon and become Take Five Grill-Off Champ?

Secret Items for the Chef's Challenge


Two Restaurant Week Grand Rapids Chefs from The BOB go head-to-head in a WZZM-13 Take Five Food Challenge



Items that the Chefs will need to prepare their dish with include:


Chicken thighs and chicken livers

Pasture Raised from River Valley Farms in Kingsley


Fresh Blueberries

BMG Farm in Fennville


Dino Kale

Ham Family Farm in Allendale



Ham Family Farm in Allendale


Purple Jalapeno Peppers

The Berry Patch in Hudsonville


Ferris' Cherry Berry Nut Mix

Ferris Coffee and Nut

Check out the chef's restaurants during restaurant week.  Details are below. 











Gilly's / The B.O.B.


Butter Poached Gulf Shrimp                         

zucchini pancake, sweet corn basil broth, squash blossom


Gulf Shrimp 2 per person

Butter                                      1 TBSP per serving

Lemon                                     2 wedges squeezed per serving

Cayenne pepper      1 tsp

Salt                                          1tsp

In poaching water place your bag and gently stir it, so not to stick on bottom of pan

Remove from bag when shrimp are bright in color and firm in texture

Squash blossom

an edible garnish that grows on the plant, you may find this at your local farmers market, or garden,

gently take some light 1 TBSP creamy goat cheese and stuff the blossom, give it a quick sauté prior to plating


Zucchini Pancake

Flour        2 Cups

Baking powder 1 TBSP

Buttermilk ½ cup

Egg          2

Zucchini   1

Salt          1TBSP

Paprika    1tsp

Onion      ¼ cup fine dice


Measure dry ingredients flour, seasonings, then crack egg and add buttermilk and mix with wire whisk in mixing bowl

fine dice onion, add to mixing bowl, peel and cut  zucchini then place in blender or food processor, pulse until creamy

add to mix and bring a non-stick pan or griddle surface and ladle them in small 2oz portions keep heat on medium not burn at first and let them rise and cook evenly.  Bubbles on the top and sides will let you know when to flip.


Sweet Corn Basil Broth

Cob Sweet Corn                      2

Basil                                        3 leaves chiffonade

Buttermilk                               ¼ cup      

Water                                      ¼ cup      

Salt                                          1 tsp

Butter                                      1 TBSP


Take fresh Sweet corn, boiled or steamed cut corn off both cob's set aside ¼ cup.

Take remaining corn and blend with water, and buttermilk. Pour from blender into a fine mesh strainer or chinois.

Discard extra paste. place in a small pan and bring to simmer add corn, basil and fold in butter  season with salt


  Clark Frain

Executive Chef

Judson's Steak House &  Gilly's  /  The B.O.B.


WZZM    Restaurant Week Menu Items



Butter Poached White Gulf Shrimp

sweet corn basil broth, zucchini pancake, squash blossom


Poached Pear Salad                                                                             GF/ V

port wine cinnamon poached pear, baby water cress,

honey comb mustard vinaigrette, beets, toasted hazelnut


                Judson's Steak House

Compressed Melon Martini                                                               GF/V

strawberry basil simple syrup / mint / melon balls / Chantilly for more information about all the restaurants and their Restaurant Week menus and phones numbers for making dinner reservations for the event.


Restaurant Week Grand Rapids 2013 Takes Place August 14 - 24 at over 70 restaurants within the Greater Grand Rapids community.

1-for-$25 and 2-for-$25 3-course menus will be offered at all the restaurants focusing on Farm-Fresh Michigan and Locally grown products


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