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Read Muskegon Tailgate Party

10:45 AM, Aug 19, 2013   |    comments
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Read Muskegon


Melissa Moore, Executive Director from Read Muskegon and adult learner, Aleisha Landingham talks about the importance of being literate and learning to read.

Rah!Rah! Read Muskegon Tailgate Party:

August 28th, 5:30-8:00pm, Hampton Green Farms, Fruitport.  Proceeds benefit the tutoring program.  Tickets available on our website or by calling our office.


 Read Muskegon Mission:

The mission of Read Muskegon is to positively impact the lives of adults through improved literacy.  As the identified adult literacy council for Muskegon County, our vision is that all of our residents have access to high quality instruction that enables them to reach their full potential and positively contribute to their community.

Adult Illiteracy:

Approximately 31,000 adults in Muskegon County are estimated to be functionally illiterate. The term functional illiteracy refers to those individuals who, even when knowing how to read and write simple phrases, do not have the basic aptitudes to satisfy the demands of their daily needs nor to develop themselves personally and professionally. Adults who are functionally illiterate are more likely to be unemployed, to live in poverty, to have health problems and no medical insurance, and are less likely to participate in civic activities. In May of 2012, 47.5% of the leaner's being tutored by Read Muskegon volunteers read below the 4th grade level and 20% read below the 1st grade level.

How Read Muskegon Helps:

Read Muskegon partners with various community organizations for learner referrals and to recruit volunteers tutors.  Tutors receive extensive training before being carefully matched with an appropriate learner.  The tutors make a minimum one-year commitment to the program and meet with their learner at least 1 ½ hours per week. Personalized tutoring sessions are focused on learner goals and address learning in the context of practical applications so that the learning is relevant to a needed skill improvement.  Tutors may integrate employment applications, job training manuals, GED study, reading recipes and other contextual materials into their sessions.  Tutors are provided with on-going support through our Tutor Buddies, monthly tutor roundtables, a monthly volunteer newsletter, and an extensive library.  Learners are also supported through the process with referrals to other needed support services.  All learners are given pre-tests and regular progress tests utilizing the TABE (Test of Adult Basic Education).

Contact Information:  (general inquiries) 

231-766-5040 (confidential line for adult learners and tutors)

231-903-0888 (general inquiries or event tickets)



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