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Beer City, USA new favorite spot for UK couple

6:50 PM, Nov 4, 2013   |    comments
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Visiting from UK

GRAND RAPIDS (WZZM) -- The title of Beer City, USA has gained international status, at least with a couple visiting from the United Kingdom.

Gary and Jill Taylor say it's not the type of beer they are accustomed to in the UK, but as soon as they tried it, there was no turning back. "A lot more hops in the beer, a lot more citrus flavors, so as soon as I tasted it, that was it," says Gary.

Craft beer is just starting to become popular in the UK. One of Gary's favorites is Founder's All Day, IPA. He can only get it in a bottle. "The oils dissipate by the time it gets to the UK, so you have to grab it, to get the flavor."

The Taylors live in New Castle, north of London. They travel the world tasting beer. This year, they decided to travel to Chicago and Grand Rapids. As Gary and Jill visit Founders, Gary tries his favorite out of the tap. "You just smell it and instantly you know it's fresh."

Gary enjoys the lighter beers, while Jill likes the darker ones. "A lot of people, when we see them, they think we have some sort of alcohol problem or addiction, but they don't realize that you can have a glass that is small and sip it. It's a perfectly beautiful beer."

The Taylors are all about sharing their findings. They bring beer from the UK and always take craft beer back home for their friends to try. "In the US, there's a lot of experimental beers and it's bringing out some really good stuff," said Gary.

Of all the locations and beers, what is their favorite place? Gary says he has new favorite spot. "For me its definitely Grand Rapids. Outstanding. I see why you've got the title of Beer City, USA. We haven't even scratched the surface. It's been awesome."

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