Emergency crews monitor Mecosta County flooding

10:56 PM, Nov 29, 2013   |    comments
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Ice Jam Mecosta Co.

MECOSTA COUNTY, Mich. (WZZM) -- Some Mecosta County residents are keeping an eye on flood waters now threatening their homes.

The Muskegon river started rising Thursday night above Rogers Dam, near 12 Mile Road and 183rd Avenue.

"I've been here for 47 years. I'm the old one on the block now", says Phyllis Stokely. She never thought she would have a problem with ice jams or flooding in November. Her home isn't on the river, but several feet inland. She and her son, Val, are keeping a close eye on the levels.

"Oh yeah, it's up a good two foot", says Val. Last year was the first time they've had water in their basement. "We had water for a couple of months. I was sucking water out like crazy."

Val can only wonder if it has anything to do with a nearby dam being removed a few years back. "It's just getting shallower, and shallower."

Emergency managers in Mecosta County say they are closely monitoring the flooding on that area of the Muskegon River. More cold weather this weekend could create more ice and flooding, leading to potential evacuations.

Our WZZM 13 meteorologists say this is one of the earliest floods due to ice jams that they can remember.

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