Harvest Health Healthier You Seminar Series

11:03 AM, Jan 2, 2014   |    comments
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Harvest Health Healthier You Seminar Series


WZZM13 - Take Five - Harvest Health Foods - who we are:

  • Harvest Health Foods - 62nd Year of Business
  • Founder Henry Diedering - founded in the 50's when he was already starting to see a decline in healthy options in food and vitamin supplements.
  • 62 years later - still family owned and managed, Daughter Cathy purchased 20 years ago.  We couldn't do what we do without our knowledgeable and passionate staff. 
  • 3 locations in Grand Rapids Area -
  • Why are we different:  Healthy is what we do, every day, it's not a tag word or a trendy fad.  That is our core value:  Established product values for our whole store.   (See attachment)
  • We believe Healthy is for everyone.  We are all on a healthy journey and there is an entry point for everyone. We believe every one of us have the power to improve our health.  We all need some options, education or motivation to get us started in a better direction.  Our health and wellbeing changes as we go through different stages in our life - as we age.
  • Nothing is more satisfying than helping a customer and having them come back with a positive change in their journey.

In January 2014 - Healthier YOU! Seminar Series

New Year's Resolutions:  High percentage of resolutions center around health, eating healthier, lose weight or exercise more.  Our series is one to help Jump start you on those resolutions with education and motivation.      

Achieving Balance in your health:  Geoff Lamden - Naturopathic Practitioner -Life and health are a balancing game.  Keeping stress, diet, nutrition, exercise in balance for your life and body as an individual is key - how can a naturopath help you achieve this balance.

Jump Start your Weight Loss -Wendy Hilliard - Educator with Garden of Life, Chiropractor and Personal trainer. Sharing her most effective strategies on how do we get this ball rolling?   Use of Protein Powders - are Shakes are they the way to go? Are food sensitivities getting in your way?  Dairy?  Gluten?  Poor digestion?  Adding more green in your life - taste a green powder.

 Accountability:  We will have a support group/ challenge group for next six weeks.

Demystifying Weight Loss Supplements:  Kimberly Olson- Fit Kim, CNC, CPT, and National Trainer with Genesis Today.   Celebrities and Doctors OZ that have brought weight loss supplements to the forefront.  This is good but there is no magic pill, and nothing can replace a good diet and exercise program. The key is identifying which quality supplement you can add into your routine to give your body some assistance.  A little extra help is always appreciated.                 

More seminars in the works:  Seminars are Free - please RSVP, Check our web site or Facebook - www.HarvestHealthFoods.com for more information   

15-20 Power Work Out - Personal Trainer -

Cleansing - What is a cleanse and should I do a cleanse?

Raw Food Chef Adam Graham from Camp Rawnora


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