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Baseball fans share memories of the ballpark

11:25 PM, Jan 3, 2014   |    comments
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COMSTOCK PARK, Mich. (WZZM) -- Fifth Third Ballpark is where baseball is played, and for the fans, where memories are made.

Hundreds of thousands of people come to the park every summer to watch games and celebrate holidays and special occasions. Many say they are sad and stunned to see it go up in flames.

Dave Gregory says it was hard to process the news when he saw a portion of the ballpark collapse. "Kind of like 9/11 sitting in front of the TV, (you) just can't believe what you are seeing."

Ken Vanderlawn describes his reaction: "Disbelief at first. I was just pulling into where I was going and heard it on the radio and I even sat there a few minutes-- 'Did I even hear that right?'"

Josh and Diana Lloyd Krick recall spending time at the ballpark when they were younger. "My mom would take the time and spend her money just so we could all hang out as a family," said Josh.

"I have tons of pictures of being at the ballpark just being silly and having a great time." Mothers Day and a baseball game fell on the same day, so we came to a baseball game."

"They are going to have a lot of cleanup to do and if they are going to rebuild it they many not be able to start their season on time, which would be really sad because the Whitecaps are an integral part of the sports system here," said Stacy VanDyken.

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