Steph's Must-Have Tablet Apps for 2014

12:17 PM, Jan 10, 2014   |    comments
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Got a new tablet for Christmas that you're just dying to try out? Stephanie compiled a few of her favorites to get you started:

Google Earth - You can spend an incredible amount on this one! It's a massive collection of satellite photos - all seamlessly stitched together. You have the ability to zoom ALL over the earth via satellite .. spying on George Clooney's house or the Taj Mahal.

Google Sky View - This is the same as above - only the sky! Constellations, stars, planets - you can even check out the international space station!

Netflix & Hulu - If you want to get in the hot trend of "binge-watching" ... Netflix and Hulu are THE places to be! The apps are free - but the streaming subscriptions will run you about $8/each per month. On Netflix, you can find complete seasons of your faves like Breaking Bad, Sons of Anarchy and Game of Thrones. Netflix also has the BEST original programming - "House of Cards" (Kevin Spacey) made history this year with it's Emmy nominations. "Orange Is The New Black", "LilyHammer", and "Hemlock Grove" are other originals to check out. Hulu is GREAT for more current TV shows to watch - and a HUGE selection of older shows ("Rock of Love"?!?!) to catch up on. You can watch this seasons shows on Hulu - like The Goldbergs and Blacklist.

IMDB - Ever watch a TV show or movie and say "Who IS that actor/actress?!? Where have I seen them before?" IMDB is the GREATEST app for that! It's the Internet Movie Database - you can look up ANY movie, TV show, documentary, actor/actress and find every role they've ever played, every award they've ever received, where they grew up ... etc. Amazing app to have!

Battery Saver - all those apps can really drain your battery, download the free Battery Saver app - it will point out which apps are the biggest battery drainer and offer tips to save on battery life for your specific tablet.

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