Prescription for Love

12:10 PM, Jan 15, 2014   |    comments
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"Negotiating Differences: Moving Past Hurts and on to a Loving Future."

There can be times in a couple's relationship where one or both partners wonder if they can move beyond the crisis they are facing or perhaps there have been chronic hurts that seem unable to be healed. "Don't give up yet!" says Remi Spicer of Great Lakes Counseling Services in Holland. Ms. Spicer, who has been counseling couples for over 15 years, says that often there are non-traditional and very creative says a qualified professional can help a couple redesign the relationship and restore closeness.

One important facet in terms of the likelihood of repair and rebuild in any relationship is the degree of satisfaction and strength of the couple's bond throughout their history. When people have really enjoyed their relationship on all dimensions - when the partnership has enriched their life on the whole, they will be more likely to have a kind of enthusiasm and the "energy" necessary to work on and "fight" for its future. If conflict has been chronic, thereby eroding the love, trust, safety and respect, there may be more challenges to working together as a team to heal and grow past what is problematic. This is a great argument for prevention and education!

This month, Ms. Spicer is offering a FREE Couples Communication Workshop (and free childcare is provided courtesy of Beechwood Church). This is a research-based course that the Military uses exclusively because it has been shown to decrease Escalating fights and promote relationship health.

Please call Beechwood Church at 616-786-9009.

Or click on this link and look at their calendar for more information:

If you would like to speak with Ms. Spicer directly you can email her at


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