'The time is now,' Jim Caldwell says at first Detroit Lions news conference

10:10 PM, Jan 15, 2014   |    comments
  • Detroit Lions general manager Martin Mayhew, left, and president Tom Lewand, right, with new head coach Jim Caldwell at Ford Field in Detroit on Wednesday January 15, 2014.
  • Baltimore Ravens offensive coordinator Jim Caldwell. / Associated Press
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(Detroit Free Press) -- Highlights from Jim Caldwell's introductory news conference Wednesday:

Caldwell, on discipline: "The key to it is communication. I call it preventive medicine. If you do a good job setting your standards and setting your parameters and making certain that it's clear - that there is no, obviously, gray area - that you're going to find that you're going to have very few infractions and, when you do, then obviously there are consequences to it. What those consequences are, they vary, depending upon the offense."

Caldwell, on his staff: "It's an ongoing process right now. At this particular point in time, we're working and some things will start to take shape here shortly."

Caldwell, on whether he'll be in charge of play-calling for the offense: "Well, we're going to take a look and see exactly what we want to do in that particular area. Here's one thing you can guarantee: that I'm going to have, obviously, some input in that area. I'm going to be involved deeply in that area and, certainly, with the quarterbacks as well."

Caldwell, on why he has a calm sideline demeanor: "I'm not a guy that's going to run up and down the sideline ranting and raving during game day because, if you've done your work during the course of the week in terms of preparation, making certain they're in the right spot, there's not a whole lot of yelling and screaming that you have to do."

Lions president Tom Lewand, on the hiring process and Caldwell: "We had a profile laid out ... two men fit that profile. ... One of those, Ken Whisenhunt, is somebody that we ... had offered to bring him to Detroit to have additional conversations and a chance to meet the Ford family. He had a great opportunity in Tennessee and they got a fine man and fine football coach. The other finalist is sitting to my left. ... When I talk about things like leadership, experience, a sound football philosophy, intelligence, communication skills, integrity, accountability, discipline - those are the kinds of things that time in and time out we heard when people were describing Jim Caldwell."

GM Martin Mayhew: "We had the profile, he had that, and then we did our research and we got great reports from him, then came the interview. Sit down and talk to Jim, he was very knowledgeable, knew all about quarterbacks, he can scheme, he knows fundamentals, he was everything that we thought that he would be in the interview and more."

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