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Is fracking good or bad for Michigan?

11:04 AM, Jun 18, 2014

Oil and gas companies have been fracking for natural gas for 50 years, but it wasn't until recently that a larger-scale fracking process started taking place across the country.

McDonald's employee "scared to death" after shooting

10:33 PM, Feb 10, 2014

When a dissatisfied customer fired a gunshot into a McDonald's restaurant, her family says the 20-year-old woman working the take out window was scared to death.

Grand Rapids neighborhood streets "horrible"

10:32 PM, Feb 10, 2014

There hasn't been a major snowstorm in over a week, but on many residential streets, road conditions are poor, with deep snow ruts and narrow streets lined with towering snow piles.

Plows to clear East Hills Tues; cars must be moved

10:32 PM, Feb 10, 2014

The East Hills Neighborhood Association is alerting residents to move their vehicles Tuesday morning as Grand Rapids plows clear and widen streets to better allow access for emergency vehicles.

Victim identified in deadly I-196 rollover

10:32 PM, Feb 10, 2014

The driver, Michael Dietzel, 52, of Jenison, was pronounced dead at the scene. A 40-year-old Grand Rapids woman in the passenger seat was not seriously hurt.