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My 13 On Target Forecast!

Presenting ...
My 13 On Target Forecast!


You already know WZZM 13 Weather has the most accurate forecast in West Michigan.
The People of the On Target Weather Team, Chief Meteorologist George Lessens, Joe Kopecek, and Aaron Ofseyer, make the difference, using the most advanced weather technology.
Now, we are proud to offer you My 13 On Target Forecast.



    My 13 On Target Forecast is your personalized weather tool, powerful enough to generate an hour-by-hour weather forecast for the locations you want. You can bookmark it or place it in your web favorites list for easy access. The desktop icon feature allows quick desktop access to weather and news alerts.

    Most other services only provide weather forecasts for a multi-county region, even when they claim to personalize them to your location.
    We actually use the address you provide
    to design a specific forecast for exactly when
    and where you need it.


    It's the best on-line weather forecasting tool
    and it's only on!


    Best of all, My 13 On Target Forecast is FREE!
    Now you will have access to data from the same advanced computer model that we use to prepare our on-air weather forecasts.

    Here's what My 13 On Target Forecast includes:

    Hour by hour forecast updated four times daily

  • Find out when rain or snow will arrive at your location.
  • Find out the wind speed and direction for tee time at your favorite golf course!

    Detailed forecasts for up to four different locations in the continental United States

  • When will be the best time to do outdoor chores?
  • How windy will it be at the marina?

    Severe Weather Alert Map

  • Personalized with your selected location.
  • Counties color-coded by alert type.
  • Click-able map with direct links to National Weather Service messages with the latest severe weather information.

    Instant severe weather alerts

  • Choose the counties and types of alerts you want to receive.
  • Have alerts sent to your email address, cell phone or pager.

    Daily email reminders

  • Choice of two general forecast emails
  • Personal weather message from your WZZM13 On Target Meteorologists.
  • Other important station news and information.

    Please take a minute and sign up for My 13 On Target Forecast today from WZZM 13!